Hornet Capital utilizes an operating strategy that has shown tremendous results and allows us to add value quickly and efficiently.  This strategy is broken down into four critical components: Acquire, Implement, Change, and Expand (A.I.C.E.) .

Acquire:   Acquire a position in a manufacturing company that will benefit from the use of comprehensive information systems and focused management.  We only acquire companies where we can add value.

Implement:  Take a hands-on approach, working side-by-side with local management to evaluate processes and implement and customize our proprietary information systems.  We develop and use simple tools that allow us to track costs and efficiency, stabilize the business, target problem areas and develop an action plan.

Change:  Work with local management to implement change and strategically reposition the company for continued profitability and growth based on accurate and timely financial and operational data.  The changes we make are based on our belief that each product and customer must be profitable.  We encourage this change through incentive plans and employee ownership.

Expand:   Utilize Hornet's infrastructure to expand the business and move to a higher level.  This may involve the introduction of new products, expansion of service and support, vertical or horizontal expansions through add-on acquisitions, partnership opportunities - any number of avenues for growth.