Hornet Capital only invests in situations where we can add value. Our transactions generally take the form of an acquisition, with our equity component ranging from $100,000 to $2 million. Hornet Capital generally looks at acquisitions in the following arenas:
  • Private company sale: Lack of infrastructure and other inherent risks common to small business pose many problems for the purely financial buyer. Our hands-on approach and proprietary managerial tools make Hornet Capital the ideal suitor for this marketplace.
  • Corporate divestiture: An acquired business or spun-off product line often lacks its own operating infrastructure and systems. This often limits the field of potential acquirers to other industry players and/or requires long and cumbersome transition agreements. Once again, our proprietary tools and expertise enable Hornet Capital to overcome these problems in relatively short order.
  • Growth financing: Growth of a small business can often lead to decreased profitability and liquidity problems. Our investment model is designed to overcome this problem by uncovering and achieving optimal performance throughout the growth phase.
  • Turn around: Weak financial performance is often caused by a rapidly changing environment and limited management tracking systems. Our software systems and managerial expertise enable our firms to sidestep hidden operational barriers and return a business to profitability.