Value of Information
We believe strongly that the root cause of inefficiency is poor or inadequate information.  Armed with accurate information, strong managers can target problem areas, react quickly and spend more time running their business and less time looking for answers. 

In each portfolio company, we target inefficiencies by building and implementing custom information systems that:
   *Reduce administrative burdens by providing complete operational and back-office support,
   *Identify company strengths and weaknesses with accurate and detailed financial information,
   *Optimize overall performance of the business,
   *Create an information exchange in which managers and employees alike can learn and improve their  business every day. 

Hornet Capital maintains in-house software development capabilities through our Jackbolt subsidiary.  This in-house capability means that we can deploy our proprietary systems quickly and efficiently, and at minimal cost to our target company.  In addition to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Jackbolt can provide the target company with a broad range of software and technology know-how, including customer relationship management (CRM) software, website development, email capabilities, and document management services.