NOT a Financial Buyers

Hornet is not a financial buyer interested in flipping companies that it acquires.  Additionally, we do not burden our companies with excess administrative costs.  We attempt to run the holding company as we would expect our portfolio companies to behave: fiscally responsible but willing to take calculated risks.  Our goal is to make each portfolio company operationally efficient and profitable.  We believe that every day a manufacturing company should make money on each product and each customer.

We are long-term investors.  We are not motivated to sell any business that is producing a strong return on invested capital and is positioned for stable long-term growth.

Hands-On Approach

Our hands-on approach and value added managerial tools and capabilities help differentiate us from other buyers in this market. 

Our operating model gives us the unique ability to turn around  operationally sick companies.  We have a proven track record of quickly implementing cost controls and employee incentives to become more efficient, we focus on efficient products or processes, and we raise prices or eliminate unprofitable product lines.

Move Quickly

Because of our ability to collect and database production and operational data, we can give a "One Day Operational Audit" to prospective companies and give a ball-park price to purchase the assets. Quick due diligence and honest deal making make selling your company to Hornet profitable and painless.